Model System of Care


Our "Model System of Care" is comprised of two Level 1 Trauma Centers (Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital) as well as a Long-Term Acute Care Facility (Spaulding Hospital Cambridge) and an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Charlestown).


All persons with a brain injury who are admitted to either Spaulding Hospital Cambridge or Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown have the benefit of receiving comprehensive, multidisciplinary care from a Model System-designated hospital.


For those patients who are more severly injured and are eligible for admission into Spaulding's Disorders of Consciousness (DoC) Program,  they may first be admitted to one of our Long-Term Acute Care facilities (including Spaulding Hospital Cambridge) in order to maximize access to rehabilitation and to prepare for entrance into intensive inpatient rehabilitation at Spaulding in Charlestown. For more information on our DoC Program, please see below. 




Spaulding Rehab Hospital


Each year the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network (SRN) admits more than 250 new traumatic brain injury (TBI). We are able to treat the entire spectrum of brain injuries, from inpatient rehabilitation at several different levels of care, depending on a patient’s medical and rehabilitation needs, through outpatient therapy and community reentry.

Special features of the Spaulding TBI Rehabilitation Program include:

• On-site physicians specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology, and Internal Medicine

• Intensive, evidence-based therapy services

• Advanced rehabilitation technologies to improve patient outcomes

• Recreational and adaptive sports programs

• Patient/family support and education services

• Community integration and advocacy


To learn more about the Brain Injury program in the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, please click the link below:

SRN Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program



Disorders of Consciousness Program


The Spaulding Rehabilitation Network Disorders of Consciousness (DOC) Program provides a continuum of 

care specifically designed for individuals with severe acquired brain injury (not limited to traumatic brain injury) who have yet to regain the ability to follow instructions, communicate reliably or perform basic self-care activities.

This program is integrated with the SH-TBI Model System of Care, and is located at both Spaulding Hospital Cambridge, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown. As part of the SH-TBI model system, this program helps to tailor the treatment to the needs of the individual patient. The patient care team - made up of physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists and care liasons - aim to identify the physical and mental barriers that prevents these patients from communicating.

The care team maximizes the patient's capacity to perform their self-care activities - and also provides continuing education, support and informational resources for patients, family members and caretakers.

The DOC program brochure can be found below:

icon DOC Program Brochure


New Spaulding Hospital



The New Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital- Charlestown

In April 2013, the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston relocated to the Charlestown Navy Yard. This brand-new facility features 240,000 square feet of state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious, rehabilitative care and research space. New features include:

• All private rooms with private bathrooms

• More multi-purpose spaces

• A new conference center which will be available for Charlestown community organizations

• An aquatic therapy center

• Two state-of-the-art gymnasiums 

• A rooftop therapeutic garden